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We strive to help our local ecosystem flourish, harvesting mindfully and sustainably. We offer all of our wildcraft products and goods at the cost of our time and effort, nothing more.

Don't see what you're looking for? From pinecones to decorative branches, dried mushrooms to unique natural curios, & more; we can custom-forage for you! Just drop us a line!
Our resources are limited to native flora, we do not buy/resell any products.

Our conifer resins are excellent for medicinal preparations, incenses and aromatherapy, crafting and woodwork applications, and more. We do not wound or tap trees for resin.

All resins are available year-round.

**2019 season: We hope to have cedar, hemlock, juniper, and other new resins available soon, stay tuned! And keep an eye on our Instagram for updates!**

*Hard resin is raw and has dried naturally. It is generally not sticky unless heated.
*Copal resin is raw and still soft/pliable to some degree. Copal resin is very sticky and melts readily.
*Clarified resin has been filtered at low heat to remove most natural debris.
*Oleoresin is sticky and does not dissolve in water. Use any cooking oil as a solvent to absorb the resin's sticky residue, then wash away with detergent or soap.

Lodgepole Pine (pinus contorta)
Hard Resin: $4.00/oz. | $48/lb
Copal Resin: $4.00/oz. | $48/lb
Clarified Resin: $4.50/oz. | $54/lb

Resinous Bark: $1.50/oz. | $20/lb

Lodgepole Pine resin has a robust, camphorous, earthy-sweet aroma. It is typically a light/yellow amber color in all forms. Clarified lodgepole resin stays somewhat copal and sicky after clarification.

Photos left to right: clarified resin, hard resin, hard resin, copal resin.

Ponderosa Pine (pinus ponderosa)
Hard Resin: $4.00/oz. | $48/lb
Copal Resin: $4.50/oz. | $54/lb
Clarified Resin: $5.00/oz. | $60/lb
Resinous Bark: $1.00/oz. | $12/lb

Ponderosa Pine resin has a sharp, fruity, licorice-esque aroma. It can vary from amber to rusty to deepr red or deep purple in color. Clarified ponderosa resin is typically hard and solid, like colored glass. It will become sticky when heated lightly.

Photos left to right: clarified resin, clarified resin, hard resin, copal resin.

Douglas Fir (pseudotsuga menziesii)
Hard Resin: $4.00/oz. | $48/lb
Copal Resin: $5.40/oz. | $65/lb
Clarified Resin: $5.50/oz. | $66/lb
Resinous Bark: $1.00/oz. | $12/lb

Douglas Fir resin has a strong, rich, earthy, bubblegum-esque aroma. It can vary from pure amber to orange, red, and deep purple. Clarified douglas resin has a solid glass-like consistency. It will hold its form at room temp and break if crushed

Photos left to right: clarified resin, clarified resin, hard resin, copal resin.

White Fir (abies conolor)
Copal Resin: $12.00/oz. | $144/lb
Resinous Bark: $1.50/oz. | $20/lb

White Fir resin has a sweet, sharp, slightly minty aroma. It typically comes in a yellow amber coloration in all forms. White fir is one of the rarest resins we have. The trees do not like to weep resin, even if injured. Most of what we find is copalresin.

Photos left to right: hard resin, hard resin, copal resin, copal resin.

Engelman Spruce (picea engelmanii)
Hard Resin: $4.00/oz. | $48/lb
Copal Resin: $5.40/oz. | $65/lb

Resinous Bark: $.75/oz. | $8/lb

Engelman Spruce resin has a sweet, floral, bubblegum-like aroma. It varies greatly in coloration, including amber, pink, orange, red, and purple.

Photos left to right: raw resin on the tree, hard resin, copal resin, copal resin.

Western Larch (larix occidentalis)
Hard Resin: $6/oz. | $72/lb
Resinous Bark: $.75/oz. | $8/lb

Western Larch resin has a soft, cool, refreshing "pine" scent. It is typically reddish in color. Western Larch is not prone to weeping resin, even when injured. It is one of our more uncommon resins. It's extremely rare that we find copal larch resin.

Photos left to right: hard resin, hard resin, hard resin, hard resin.

Our wildcrafted herbs are picked at specific stages of growth for maximum medicinal potency, and are dried and stored as whole as possible. Aromatic, vibrant, and fresh, they're a refreshing contrast to mass-produced mass-distributed herbs.
Our prices are determined by yield, harvesting/processing requirements, and how detrimental the harvest is to the plants' health or population.
Sample sizes available
Our medicinal herbs are limited to seasonal availability.
We have dozens more native herbs; ask if you don't find what you need here!
(geum macrophyllum)
leaf: 12.00/oz.
whole plant: 11.20/oz.

Women's health, anti-inflammatory, astringent, & more
Black Elder
(sambucus melanocarpa)
flower: 13.00/oz.
leaf: 10.40/oz.

Diaphoretic, wound healing, & more
(solidago canidensis)
leaf & flower: 8.30/oz.
root: 14.00/oz.

Kidney support, diaphoretic, & more
(equisetum arvense)
young foliage: 10.00/oz.

Wound healing, urinary health, & more
Hound's Tongue
(cynoglossum officinale)
leaf: 8.10/oz.
flower: 11.60/oz.

root: 8.60/oz.

Wound healing & more
*use like comfrey (symphytum officinale)
(arcotaphylos uva-ursi)
leaf: 9.60/oz.

Candida, women's health, & more
(a.k.a. bear berry / uva-ursi)
Mullein (**)
1st year root: 11.30/oz.
leaf: 7.30/oz.

**Herb Summary/info coming soon!**
Oregon Grape
(berberis repens)
root: 12.00/oz.

Auto-immune, Lupus, infections, food poisoning, & more
(chimaphila umbellata)
leaf: 8.80/oz.

Men's health, Women's health, urinary health, & more
Red Raspberry
(rubus idaeus)
leaf: 7.00/oz.

Women's health, nutrition, & more
Self Heal
(prunella vulgaris)
leaf & flower: 13.20/oz.

Wound healing, gastrointestinal health, & more
(var. usnea)
lichen body: 14.00/quart

Antibiotic, antimicrobial, wound healing,
acne, urinary health, & more
Wild Rose
(rosa woodsii)
leaf: 11.20/oz.
hips: 2.00/oz.

Astringent, Women's health, anti-inflammatory, nutrition, & more
Wild Strawberry
(fragaria vesca)
leaf & flower: 9.60/oz.

Women's health & more
(use similarly to red raspberry)
(achillea millefolium)
leaf & flower: 12.80/oz.
root: 16.00/oz.

Ulcerative colitis, wound healing, & more
Other Herbs Not Listed Here:
Arnica, aspen, baneberry, cinquefoil, cow parsnip, false Solomon's seal, fireweed, horehound (cultivated), motherwort (cultivated), stinging nettle, rattlesnake plantain, red osier dogwood, thistle, mountain willow, & more. Please inquire if interested!
Dried Needles
White Fir: 3.00/oz.
Douglas Fir Fir: 3.00/oz.
Engelman Spruce: 3.00/oz.
Ponderosa Pine: 2.00/oz.
Lodgepole Pine: 2.50/oz.
Western Larch: 3.00/oz.
Common Juniper: 5.00/oz.
Creeping Juniper: 5.00/oz.

Cold & flu, antimicrobial, & more
Fresh Needles
From any species listed under "dried needles";
Trimmings (2-8"): 3.00/oz.
Decorative Boughs (x12, 6"): 8.00
Decorative Boughs (x12, 12"): 10.00

Fresh-cut, pristine sprigs and decorative boughs available for culinary, decoration, weddings, holidays, and more; always shipped fresh! Tips for brewing and distilling, trimming for extracts and inctures, and decorative cuts for parties, weddings, and crafts!
Dried Cambium
From any of our conifer species;
starting at: 4.75/oz.

Immune stimulanting inner bark
Available in dried shavings and powder, same price.
Raw Treatment-Free Propolis

From our treatment, chemical, and drug-free bee hives. This is propolis scraped straight off the hive, totally raw. It may contain trace amounts of hive wood and/or hive debris.

The mighty land fish! The elusive morel! We have black morels (m. elata) and white morels (m. esculenta). Our morels are whole, beautiful, and delicious, ranging from 3/4" (dried) to 3"+ (dried)! We briefly rinse dusty or sooty morels in cold water spiked with organic apple cider vinegar to clean them up but they are otherwise totally raw. Please inquire if you have a size or sub-species preference. "Artistic" jumbo mushrooms available as well!
Dried morels are available year-round.

1oz/28g : $12
4oz/.25lb: $45
16oz/1lb: $175

Our lichens are typically gathered from trees that are felled for lumber. Lichens dry very well and maintain beautiful natural colors and shapes. Great for natural dyes as well as arts and crafts! 2oz. of lichen typically fills a gallon baggie; though weight may reduce with drying, volume will remain the same. Order by the quart, half gallon, or gallon.

All lichens are available year-round.
Witch's Hair
(alectoria sarmentosa)

Primary uses: dye, make-shift fiber
Wolf Lichen
(letharia vulpina)

Primary uses: dye
*toxic (vupinic acid) when consumed

Wila / Old Man's Beard
(bryoria fremontii)

Primary uses: dye, foodstuff, medicine
*do not consume if yellow (vupinic acid)

Usnea Lichen
(var. usnea)

Primary uses: antibiotic (usnic acid), dye

Mixed Decorative Lichens

Oak Moss
(evernia prunastri)

Primary uses: aromatic / distillation

As stewards of land, an important job is nurturing and cultivating the natural environment. From soil amendment to species selection, every choice and every change can help to transform scarcity into abundance for the entire ecosystem.
Part of this job is planting and saving seeds. This is a project we hope to expand on in the 2019 season. You're welcome to request seeds from any of our wild herbs listed above as well!
Seeds are available year-round.
Species Germ Time Germ Rate $2 packet:
Milkweed (asclepias syriaca) 10-20 days 60-75%~ 100+ seeds
Evening Primrose (oenothera biennis)
5-10 days 95%~ 200+ seeds
Horehound (marrubium vulgare)
10-20 days 65-75%~ 150+ seeds
Motherwort (leonurus cardiaca)
7-14 days 35-45%~ 50+ seeds
Culinary Rhubarb
3-6 days 90%~ 50+ seeds
Common Camas 10-15 days 90-95%~ 100+ seeds
Blue Spruce (picea glauca)
requires stratification
20+ seeds

We are now offering raw, sustainably harvested wood products! From bottons and rounds, to carving wood and incense wands; whatever your need is, we may be able to help! Below are some examples of what can easily be created for you.

...More info coming soon!