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Ayam Cemani

Purebred Ayam Cemani. These rare Indonesian birds are fibro-melanistic; black, inside and out!
Purebred Marans laying large, dark, richly colored eggs. We hatch blue, black, and blue black splash (BBS).
Lavender Ameraucanas
Purebred Lavender Amerauacanas; periwinkle hens laying bright blue eggs!
Fibro Easter Eggers

A hobby bird of our own creation: Beautiful fibromelanistic hens laying blue and green eggs!
Olive Eggers
Hens as diverse in appearance as their eggs! Turqoise, sage, mint, and clay colored egg layers!
Heritage Turkeys
Hardy heritage turkeys, bred for disposition, physique, and beauty. Good flock protectors, mothers, and table birds alike!

Our rabbit stock comes from a genetically diverse blend of Flemish Giants, New Zealands, and Californias. Adults typically fill out at 6 - 8+ lbs live weight. Litters average 7-10 and dispositions are typically very calm and easily tamed. Hides are much larger than industry pelts and excellent for tanning. Fur is lush and silky, with colorations including white, black, cottontail, orange, silver, brown, and many diverse color combinations.
All of our rabbits are raise in bonded colonies, on the ground in large indoor/outdoor runs. They are fed fresh forage, organic hay, and non-GMO grains.

Rabbits are almost always available for breeders or pets. Email us for availability!

Sexed kits 6-8 weeks (great age for taming!): $15
Exceptional breeder bucks 3-6 months: $25
Breeder does 3-6 months: $30

*Please email us for availability, the 2018 season will be a lean one!*

Ayam Cemani - The Indonesian Black Chicken
**Cemani will be available again in fall 2018**

Purebred Ayam Cemani, GFFxSmithsonian lines. These rare Indonesian birds are fibro-melanistic; black, inside and out! Yes- their skin, bones, and meat are black! Their organs and blood are darker than normal. The Cemani is a light-bodied bird, laying an average sized cream colored eggs. Hens are somewhat light-duty layers and are rarely broody. Cold hardy. Good foragers. Typically quiet, docile birds. Their meat is both unique and delicious!
Fibro Melanosis (FM) is a gene mutation and can difficult to breed for. Chicks with imperfections (color leakage) are sold for much less than our perfect birds. Culls are still capable of producing perfect cemani, however we do not advise breeding non-conforming cemani that perpetuate poor genes.

Marans - Blue, Black, & BBS
**Marans will be available again in fall 2018**

Purebred Marans, laying large, dark, richly colored eggs. We have blue, black, and blue/black splash marans available, all at the same price. Large-bodied dual purpose birds with good dispositions. Cold hardy. Good broodies. Excellent foragers. Not prone to being overly chatty or loud hens. Roosters have characteristic deep voices and strong flock protection instincts.

Lavender Ameraucanas
**Ameraucanas will be available again in fall 2018**

Purebred Lavender Amerauacanas. Good breed conformity with soft periwinkle feathers and beautiful muffs. Light-bodied birds, prolific layers of large bright blue eggs. Very cold hardy. Less tendency to go broody. Excellent foragers and great flyers. Typically chatty, charismatic, photogenic birds.

Fibro Easter Eggers
**FEE's will be available again in fall 2018**

A truly unique bird of our own creation! Exotic melanistic birds, perfect for the hobbiest and enthusiast looking for the "WOW" of a fibrobird without the price tag of a purebred cemani! These firbos are nearly all black with occasional stunning colors coming through. On the inside they boast maroon meat marbled with blues and purples. Black and mulberry peacombs and pea-hybrid combs adorn their captivating faces that may or may not have muffs. Light-bodied birds, typically extremely docile, prolific layers of large blue and green eggs. Very cold hardy. Excellent foragers.

Olive Eggers
**OE's will be available again in fall 2018**

Olive eggers are a must for any laying flock! 1st generation hens typically lay turqoise to mint-green eggs, with each subsequent generation laying darker eggs, from moss green to sage to clay green/brown. It is not possible to determine what color a pullet will produce until she starts laying though. Olive eggers may have pea combs or pea-hybrid combs and may or may not have muffs. They can vary greatly in coloration, though blue and black are our most common colors. Hens are typically very friendly and somewhat chatty and often become flock favorites! Olive eggers are light to medium bodied birds, with hens laying large or XL green eggs in abundance. Very cold hardy, excellent foragers, excellent broodies.

Heritage Turkeys
**Turkeys will be available again in 2019**

Our heritage turkeys are bred for disposition, physique, and coloration. Hens should be prolific layers and excellent broodies and mothers. Laying season can start as early as January or February and run in to June or July, weather dependant. Hens typically sit 12-20 eggs at a time. Toms are typically easy to handle and non-aggressive. Both toms and hens typically have good protection instincts; around here we can rely on them to attack predating hawks and skunks. Toms often dress out 22-26lbs, hens 14-18lbs.

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