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Newest items include black bear toe bones & lynx bones!
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[ photos coming soon ] $15 - Starter Package: 100+ Adult Breeding Beetles
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- Care packet included on all orders!
Dermestid beetles are a tiny carrion beetle whose larvae feed on organic matter. While they will eat anything from wood to wool, they are particularly fond of dried flesh. A healthy colony can gently clean large skulls and skeletons in a matter of days, which is why they are the choice for bone cleaning by museums and institutions around the world. These little black beetles are easy to handle and are gentle and non-agressive. They absolutely do not bite and are will typically flip over and play dead when disturbed. Larvae are brown and fuzzy and have a mild earthy musk. They molt as they grow from nearly microscopic to 1" long, building a nest of chaff (shed exoskeletons and dry, woody feces) that both the adults and larvae burrow and reproduce in. Adults don't eat much- their growing larvae do most of the bone cleaning work.
Dermestids are silent, dry, low-odor, and non-offensive. Colonies of a few hundred or many thousands can be kept easily in tightly sealed glass or plastic containers with good airflow. Detailed information on how to care for your beetles will be included with every beetle order. At this time, only orders of 100 beetles are available as our colonies are still establishing themselves. For larger orders, please contact us for availability.

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*Please email us for availability, the 2018 season will be a lean one!*
Ayam Cemani

Purebred Ayam Cemani. These rare Indonesian birds are fibro-melanistic; black, inside and out!
French Copper Marans
Purebred Marans laying large, dark, richly colored eggs. We hatch blue, black, and blue black splash (BBS).
Lavender Ameraucanas
Purebred Lavender Amerauacanas; periwinkle hens laying bright blue eggs!
Fibro Easter Eggers

A hobby bird of our own creation: Beautiful fibromelanistic hens laying blue and green eggs!
Olive Eggers
Hens as diverse in appearance as their eggs! Turqoise, sage, mint, and clay colored egg layers!
Heritage Turkeys
Hardy heritage turkeys, bred for disposition, physique, and beauty. Good flock protectors, mothers, and table birds alike!

Our rabbit stock comes from a genetically diverse blend of Flemish Giants, New Zealands, and Californias. Adults typically fill out at 6 - 8+ lbs live weight. Litters average 7-10 and dispositions are typically very calm and easily tamed. Hides are much larger than industry pelts and excellent for tanning. Fur is lush and silky, with colorations including white, black, cottontail, orange, silver, brown, and many diverse color combinations.
All of our rabbits are raise in bonded colonies, on the ground in large indoor/outdoor runs. They are fed fresh forage, organic hay, and non-GMO grains.

Doelings are almost always available for breeder sor pets. Bucklings with exceptional disposition, physique, and coloration are offered as breeders or pets. Email us for availability!

Sexed kits 6-8 weeks (great age for taming!): $15
Exceptional breeder bucks 2-4 months: $25
Breeder does 2-4 months: $30

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