All of our animals are raised as holistically as possible. We do not medicate or use chemicals. Free-ranging is supplemented with local non-GMO no-spray hay and grains. Every animal we raise helps to provide for and support our farm and our lives.

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Tame, curious, and playful hogs forage and thrive in this high mountain terrain, tilling the earth and producing excellent piglets!

Our genetically diverse blend of Flemish Giants, New Zealands, and Californias produce big, robust bunnies that provide the entire farm with a bounty of benefits!
Pack Goats
Our affectionate, burly pack goats accompany us on most of our foraging missions. They provide us with comical companionship and an invaluable packing service!
Ayam Cemani

Purebred Ayam Cemani. These rare Indonesian birds are fibro-melanistic; black, inside and out!

Purebred Marans laying large, dark, richly colored eggs. We hatch blue, black, and blue black splash (BBS).
Lavender Ameraucana
Purebred Lavender Amerauacanas; periwinkle hens laying bright blue eggs!
Olive Eggers
Hens as diverse in appearance as their eggs! Turqoise, sage, mint, and clay colored egg layers!

While they offer tid-bits of meat and income, we raise doves primarily for the pleasure of interacting with these gentle, curious, and independent birds.
Heritage Turkeys
Hardy heritage turkeys, bred for disposition, physique, and beauty. Good flock protectors, mothers, and table birds alike!