Here you will find bone cleaning dermestid beetles for sale, along with a small assortment of bones, skulls, claws, teeth, and other natural specimens from species not permitted for sale on Etsy, including Canadian lynx and grey wolf.

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Inventory last updated: Sunday June 10th, 2018.

$15 - Starter Package of 100+ Adult Breeding Beetles
- Free USPS First Class Mail shipping and beetle care packet included!
Dermestid beetles are a tiny carrion beetle whose larvae feed on organic matter. While they will eat anything from wood to wool, they are particularly fond of dried flesh. A healthy colony can gently clean large skulls and skeletons in a matter of days, which is why they are the choice for bone cleaning by museums and institutions around the world. These little black beetles are gentle and non-agressive. They do not bite and will typically play dead when disturbed. Larvae are brown and fuzzy. Adults don't eat much- their growing larvae do most of the bone cleaning work.
Dermestids are silent, dry, low-odor, and non-offensive. Colonies of a few hundred or many thousands can be kept easily in tightly sealed glass or plastic containers with good airflow. Detailed information on how to care for your beetles will be included with every beetle order. Beetles are packed in sealed bags with edible, crush-resistant substrate to make the ride more comfortable, and all beetle orders are shipped in a box for their safety during transit. For larger orders, please contact us for availability.

LOT#LX12 -

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XL Lynx Rear Claws:
Quantity Available: 4
Size: 15/16 inches +/-, 1" around curve
Condition: Excellent. Professionally cleaned and unwhitened.
SALE Price: $3.00 $2.70/each

LOT#LX11 -

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XL Lynx Front Claws:
Quantity Available: 3
Size: 15/16 inches +/-, 1 1/8" around curve
Condition: Excellent. Professionally cleaned and unwhitened.
Price: $3.50/ea

No wolf specimens currently available :( Please check back soon!

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