About the Desert Rose Farm

The Desert Rose Taxidermy was established in 2008. We have been cleaning and preparing skeletal specimens for universities, museums, veterinarians, collectors, artists, and folks around the world for over a decade.
While our taixdermy days are over, DRT lives on with evolving purpose. Today, DRT Farm is nestled in the mountains of NW Montana, where we are transforming our function and purpose:

Sustainable Sourcing | Sustainable Living

It is said that you should be the change you want to see in the world. We agree.

The vision of permaculture is a simple one; everything on the farm supports the farm and everything in it. Working with nature, rather than trying to control it. Goats weed brush, prune fire hazard in the forest and provide milk and labor. Pigs plow and fertilize the soil and provide an abundance of meat. Poultry produces meat and eggs and keeps insects like bullflies and ticks in check. Rabbits happily eat garden "weeds" and produce manure, fur, and meat. Percipitation feeds streams and ponds and fills our pipes, and every season provides abundance in water, sunshine, and forage!

Our farm rests high on a pristine mountain top in NW Montana, with wilderness sprawling in all directions. We are completely off-grid and working towards producing everything we need right here in the soil and trees. It's not an easy task! It will take us many years to fully establish self sustainability, but we are on our way. The road is a long one; it may take many years before the land can fully support us and our livestock. Infrastructure, fencing, food, and maintenence are part of the equation when getting started! We still rely on our neighbors to grow the no-spray hay and feed we need, and we require fuel, materials, and basic goods. We seek to meet these needs by selling and trading goods that we can grow, forage, or produce here; mushrooms, resins, herbs, seeds, plants, beestuffs, wood, livestock, and yes, even bones and hides.

As time progresses we hope to offer more farm and livestock based products along with our natural and foraged goods. From the best cat toy ever, to our crow reduction collars for roosters, to seeds for planting, and much more! Check out our bustling Etsy Shop! Or you can purchase from us directly for a discounted price- we save, you save, and less money goes to corporate machines!
We appreciate every purchase you make! Every sale helps feed, fuel, and support the farm directly.

There are many who share our values and goals, and we are happy to share knowledge and support others wherever possible. As we learn and grow, we are endeavoring to compile our work and knowledge into sharable media. The trend of popular permaculture profitting on knowledge is unfortunate. We think that the
unique things we learn should be shared with others as freely as possible to encourage, enable, and empower others to make meaningful and adventerous changes! Those priviliged with opportunity should not profit by withholding knowledge from those less able to attain the same! Sharing knowledge freely helps to break down social, political, and economic barriers. This we firmly believe.

It may be awhile before this media project produces downloadable information (there's only 1 person working the entire digital front of DRT Farm, and there's a lot to do!), but in the mean time, if you have any questions or curiosities about farming, off-grid living, or permaculture concepts, please contact us so we can all grow together!

About Our Bones
Our work exercises a unique form of 'recycling' by utilizing bones, skulls, and other pieces that are typically just thrown away. The vast majority of our wildlife specimens are salvaged waste from the hunting and trapping trades. We breathe beauty and functionality back into this 'waste' and create an opportunity for folks to utilize and honor these natural pieces, whilst working in harmony with nature. As of 2018, all new specimens we acquire will have no monetary exchange attached to them; this means nature-cleaned and wild-foraged bone will be the staple, with professionally cleaned specimens coming in only from livestock or ethically sourced wildlife.

Over the last decade we've used a method of bone cleaning called 'maceration', which utilizes natural bacteria to gently clean bones and take nothing away from the natural luster of bone. It creates an organic, nutrient-rich by-product that is returned to the soil. We never bleach or boil any bones! Dried specimens are always dried using non-toxic, chemical-free methods.
We are currently working on new creative ways of cleaning bones organically that still deliver superior, professionally cleaned bones!

And of ourcse our dried specimens are always dried using non-toxic, chemical-free methods!

When you purchase bones and skulls from us, odd as it may seem, you are directly supporting us and the farm. Your order helps us feed our pigs, care for our honey bees, and maintain the infrastructure of the farm.
Contact Us:
Our farm has no posted business hours and does not have a shop front open to the public. We will always strive to communicate quickly and clearly, answer your questions, or work out any issues that may arise. Please be patient while waiting for a response, we'll get back to you as soon as we can! Life is very busy on the farm! And when it's not we're often hiding in the wilderness somewhere...
Email us at: contact@desertrosetaxidermy.com
Or contact us via Etsy conversation. This is usually the quickest route for response, as we have to check Etsy daily.
**And if you didn't get a response, email us again :) Sometimes messages hide in the junk folder!