The Desert Rose Taxidermy was established in 2008. We are a very small and independent operation that has been cleaning and preparing specimens for universities, museums, veterinarians, collectors, artists, and folks around the world for over a decade. Today, the Desert Rose Taxidermy is nestled in the Mission mountains of Montana, where we are transforming its function and purpose:

Sustainable Sourcing | Sustainable Living

Our work exercises a unique form of 'recycling' by cleaning bones, skulls, and other pieces that are typically just thrown away. We do hunt and raise livestock for food, though most of our wildlife specimens are salvaged as waste from the hunting and trapping trades. We breathe beauty and functionality back into this 'waste' and create an opportunity for folks to utilize and honor these natural pieces, whilst working in harmony with nature.

Over the last decade we've used a method of bone cleaning called 'maceration'. This utilizes a natural decomposition bacteria to gently clean bones and takes nothing away from the natural luster of bone. It creates an organic, nutrient-rich by-product that is returned to the soil. We never bleach or boil any bones! Dried specimens are always dried using non-toxic, chemical-free methods.
We are currently working on new creative ways of cleaning bones organically that still deliver superior, professionally cleaned bones!

We've been on a years-long jounrey towards sustainability. In terms of bone cleaning, this means an end goal of zero chemicals, zero waste, zero energy consumption, and 100% biodegradable and non-toxic materials across the board. While there is still much to be done, we are working towards a holistic, self-supported and self-sustained farm, business, and way of life. When you make purchases from the Desert Rose Taxidermy you are directly supporting our work, as well as helping to support our farm.

The Desert Rose Taxidermy has no posted business hours and does not have a shop front open to the public. We will always strive to communicate quickly and clearly, answer your questions, or work out any issues that may arise. Please be patient while waiting for a response, we'll get back to you as soon as we can! Life can be very busy on the farm!